Signal CS was established in 1999. Back then, we provided SMTV Services. We have then emerged in the fields of IT services, subcontracting for Telecommunication companies, manufacturing our own products, issuing trademarks and GPS Vehicle Tracking System. Signal Commercial Services is now a fully established entity with 15 years of experience and a team of qualified and dedicated professionals. The company has great ambitions to widen its business and experience in a variety of technology oriented fields.


Check out our GPS Tracking Features and learn what the Titan GPS Tracking System can do for your fleet.

Real-Time Tracking

Always keep a close eye on drivers and vehicles with real-time tracking that improves efficiency, responsiveness, and reliability.


Looking to improve cross-town deliveries or projects with a streamlined, easy-to-use tracking system? Create geo fencing all over town and be alerted on entry or exit.

In-Depth Reporting

complete log of vehicle travel, including trip and mileage reports, speed, historical trends and more. No need to monitor every change; just bring up past activities at your convenience.

Asset Handling

Be alerted during maintenance, excessive speed or even idling; all to improve driver consistency and reliability; even halt a car before unauthorized use.

Mobile Convenience

accessible via your mobile devices so you can track, manage, assign, and change fleet responsibilities on the fly. Enjoy PC accessibility in the palm of your hands.

Hands-On Collaboration

We want to give our clients the direction and support they need to run a stronger, more reliable business with consistent ROI.



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